A World Of Opportunities

Who we look for

We’re looking for graduates and professionals from all backgrounds. We need engineers and other specialists in the energy / power / water fields, and also individuals with degrees and experience in management, human resources, sales, marketing, accounting. We hire from the top universities to maintain an environment of excellence in our company, and because we need the brightest people to help us find solutions that ensure the efficient and sustainable use of our limited natural resources.

There will be specific skill requirements for jobs in your chosen area. But all our graduates and professionals must have certain qualities in common if they are to succeed at Abunayyan Holding: they are problem solvers, to rise up to the challenge of developing creative and insightful answers to questions posed by every new project we take on; they enjoy working with other people, because all our projects require teamwork within the company as well as with our clients, and we believe that a collaborative environment breeds continuous innovation; and they are passionate, dedicated, and committed to help us achieve sustainability and efficiency in the power and water sectors.