About Abunayyan

Key people

  • Abdullah Rashed Abunayyan

    Abdullah Rashed Abunayyan will be remembered as the man who revolutionised the Kingdom’s agriculture sector.

    In 1950, at a time when Saudi Arabian farmers irrigated their lands using camels and other live stock to extract water from wells, Abdullah introduced the first diesel-powered turbine pump to his country. With little capital and no financial support, self-made entrepreneur Abdullah boldly departed from his family’s successful merchant business to work in agriculture irrigation. Two decades later, Abdullah introduced the first pressure-regulated pump so people no longer had to depend on gravity for water to trickle down from a roof tank, improving living standards.

    Mohammad A. Abunayyan

    With over 30 years of experience in the Water and Power sector Mohammad Abunayyan is Chairman of Abunayyan Holding and ACWA Power International.

    ACWA Power in 8 years has emerged as a leading developer of privately financed power generation and desalinated water production plants in the GCC, MENA, Southern Africa and Eastern Europe regions with a portfolio of assets worth US$ 23 Billion with a contracted capacity of 15,731 MW and 2.4Mm³/day of water. Mohammad Abunayyan also serves as Chairman and Board Member of many reputed companies, besides holds number of prestigious leadership positions helping spearhead the kingdoms economic development.

    Khalid Abunayyan

    Khalid Abunayyan began in 1985 as a manager at MIS, specialising in water, wastewater and agriculture products. In 1989, he was appointed general manager at Saudi French Company, a joint venture specialising in maintenance of electric motors and alternators.

    In 1993, he became general manager of United Food Company, where he led the expansion of the Pizza Inn franchise across Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. In 1990, he was responsible for the takeover of Abunayyan Electric Corporation and transformed the company into the market leader in power distribution, industrial controls and data communication products.

    Abunayyan took over the general management of Abdullah Abunayyan Trading Corporation in 2001, transforming it into one of the region’s leading companies specialising in water, wastewater, power, instrumentation & control and logistics solutions. He became president and CEO of Abunayyan Holding in 2007.

    Abunayyan earned a B.A. degree in Business Administration & Computer Science from Western Washington University. He is married with four children.